Declutter your home

 Declutter your home

Declutter your home

When moving home it can be a great chance to declutter. Why pack up things you don’t use anymore and pay the removalists to move them where they will just take up space in your new home.

New home; new leaf. Get decluttering and feel the therapeutic benefits that owning fewer possessions brings.

Tips to declutter

Decluttering is made a little easier by the fact that you are packing, so take advantage of this time where you are literally pulling everything out.

Rubbish and Goodwill

Take a two black bags around your home and go room by room. One bag is for goodwill and the other is rubbish; now start being ruthless, what can you do without? There’s a rule that many people live by, if you haven’t used it in a year then throw it.

The linen cupboard

Take some time to look at your linen cupboard. What towels do you use and what ones are stained and marked and never actually get used anymore? Take a look at your bedding, what do you actually need and what do you actually use?

The kids toys

Depending on the age of your children it might be a good idea to do a sort through when the kids are out. Many parents are worried that they will throw out the wrong toys, so why not fill a bag with toys and place it in the garage for a week or two, if the kids haven’t requested the toy in that time send it off to goodwill for another child to enjoy.

The kitchen

  • There never seems to be enough storage for everything in the kitchen, but when you go through each cupboard you start to realise all the gadgets and old crockery that is taking up valuable space. Throw out all your chipped china.
  • Tupperware in the kitchen takes up a lot of space, but when you actually go through it all somehow, somewhere along the line you’ve lost most of the matching lids. Start clearing out the Tupperware that doesn’t have its lid.
  • Go through your pantry, you might be surprised by some of the use by dates.
  • The messy drawer, we all have one, but do we really need one?

Your wardrobe

  • Do you never have anything to wear but your wardrobe is bursting with clothes? Be ruthless. Throw any torn, stained and broken garments.
  • Put any designer clothes you don’t wear to one side and sell them on Gumtree, why not make some money.

The garage

If you have a running machine, bike or that you simply don’t use anymore get it on Gumtree and start earning some money for your unwanted possessions.

The removalists are coming! Get decluttering

Decluttering will assist you with packing, save you on removalists fees, give you less to unpack and might even earn you a few dollars if you sell your goods on Gumtree.

When moving to your new Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast home, why not start with a clean slate and declutter now. Call A Smooth Move Removals on 07 5574 5945  to discuss your removal needs and get some tips on when to start preparing for your move.