Downsizing – How to make the move easier and cheaper

 Downsizing – How to make the move easier and cheaper

Downsizing – How to make the move easier and cheaper

Many people downsize for a variety of reasons. Whether you are moving to a smaller place or you are moving in with someone and you need to cull some possession, the process can be somewhat daunting.

Whether you have an emotional attachment to your belongings, or you think you might need it one day, getting rid of your belongings can be a little harder than you first anticipate.

A Smooth Move Removalists have come up with a few ways to try and downsize.

The empty house

Imagine all your possessions were gone. What would you replace first? Starting with this simple exercise you need to work out what you need to set up your home, the bare bones of the home if you will. Once you’ve established the must have’s, next you can look at what’s left.

What can you sell and earn some money from? What can you donate to goodwill? What can you do without?


Usually items are kept just in case of emergencies. Holding on to an old mattress just in case you need it one day is not uncommon; but before the mattress becomes dusty and dirty, why not sell it and hold on to the money so you can put it towards a new one If needed.


You’ve bought some jeans in a sale and they don’t fit and quite possibly never will, why not give them to goodwill and get a good bout of karma for your good deed.

Have you used it in the last year?

Let’s face it, if you’ve not used an item in the last year, that’s 365 days, do you really need it? Throw, sell or donate anything that you’ve not used in the last 12 months and see how quickly your house clears up.

Removalists that lighten the load

Once you’ve finished downsizing, next comes the fun part – moving! Call A Smooth Move Removals on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. Call 07 5574 5945, our removalists make your move a smooth one.